Powder Coating

Dutch Industries offers shot blasting, powder coating and liquid coating services. The blasting process uses a steel shot which preps the product with a fine profile to allow better adherence of the finish coating.

The powder coating system is a high quality, durable finish. With large capacity curing ovens, Dutch is able to apply a large variety of colors and textures. The paint finishing departments work with the latest painting technologies to offer a durable and long lasting finish to your products.

Powder coating is one of the most durable and UV resistant finishes available. It is available in hundreds of colors. Also available are several textured finishes which are not only very attractive but also help to hide minor surface imperfections. Its resistance to scratches, rust, and fading makes powder coating the best finishing choice for businesses and consumers alike. Many liquid finishes contain harmful solvents. These solvents contain pollutants known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Powder coating is environmentally friendly because it contains no solvents and therefore only releases negligible amounts of these compounds, if any at all, into our environment. Over sprayed powder can be recovered and any waste can be disposed of easily and safely.

Powder Coating Warranty Sheet

ISO 9001:2008

A strong work ethic and reliable product is one of Dutch's secrets of success. We ensure that all of our manufacturing processes follow the ISO standard to ensure Quality for Generations™ in all of our projects.