Lean Manufacturing

Dutch Industries Custom Services Division offers a value added vendor managed process to our clients through the application of "LEAN manufacturing" principles. LEAN manufacturing, better known as "Just in Time (JIT)", is a philosophy of continuous improvement in which non-value-adding activities are identified and removed for the purposes of:

Reducing Cost
Improving Delivery
Improving Quality
Adding Flexibility
Improving Performance
Increasing Innovation

The Dutch lean manufacturing process eliminates waste by having the work environment streamline and simplify the processes. Each work cell produces one complete manufactured operation, thus ensuring quality workmanship while providing efficiency improvements and just-in-time delivery. Dutch Industries continues its commitment to manufacturing excellence by continually adding current production equipment to the manufacturing process based on customer demand.

ISO 9001:2008

A strong work ethic and reliable product is one of Dutch's secrets of success. We ensure that all of our manufacturing processes follow the ISO standard to ensure Quality for Generations™ in all of our projects.